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Norway spruce is a familiar sight in much of the United States, but it’s really a tree of Europe. Throughout the globe, this tree has many uses including lumber, pulpwood, Christmas trees and landscape specimen trees. Its dense branching pattern and tolerance of soil variations has also made it a popular tree for windbreaks.


A fast growing evergreen conifer with a growth rate of 1.5’ – 2’ per year, the Norway Spruce can reach an impressive height of 60’-150’ at maturity with dense, rich needles. There are no insect or disease issues with the Norway Spruce and it is considered generally care free. It tolerates a variety of soil and conditions – including pollution. Recommended for zones 2-7.


If you have enough space and want to add a sense of formal dignity to your landscape, the Norway spruce will suit you well.

Norway Spruce

  • Norway Spruce Size 2017 Season Quantity Available
      4-5' 150
      5-6' 200
      9-10' 75
      11-12' 100


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