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Long ago, naturalist Donald Peattie recognized the beauty and adaptability of the white fir and accurately predicted that its future “lies in its value as an ornamental.” Its shape, color and ability to thrive on harsh sites has made the tree a favorite for urban landscaping. It has also become a major component of the Christmas tree industry.


The Concolor Fir is an elegant tree with silver-green soft foliage and boasts a fragrant citrus scent.  The colors vary from emerald green to ultra-blue. The growth rate is 10'-14' per year and can grow to a mature height of 75'-100' with a spread of 20'-35'.  This tree works well in full sun or partial shade and is adaptable to many soil conditions. Recommended for zones 3-7. 

Concolor (White) Fir

  • Concolor White Fir Size 2017 Season Quantity Available
      6-7' 50
      7-8' 75


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