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Noted horticulturist Michael Dirr referred to the Serbian Spruce as “one of the most graceful and beautiful spruces.” And once you see its thin, arching branches and slender, straight trunk, you’ll understand why. But this tree is much more than a pretty face, with sturdy branches and tolerance of most urban conditions. Its beauty and adaptability make it ideal for home landscapes, screening, buffer strips, salt-free median strips and parking lots.


The Serbian Spruce is a medium to fast growing (2' per year) evergreen that has 1 inch long needles and is dark green on top while silver at the bottom.  It can grow over 50 feet tall and 20 feet wide. Deer do not like to eat this tree unless nothing else is available. This spruce needs an area that is well drained and is recommended for zones 4-7. 

Serbian Spruce

  • Serbian Spruce Size 2017 Quantity Available
      4-5' 300
      6-7' 20
      7-8' 20



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