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The eastern white pine has played a very important role throughout the history of America. In colonial days, the best of the trees were set apart by the king for masts on British ships. As the nation grew, the lumber of white pines built our homes and businesses.


Today it is still a valuable commercial tree but also favored in parks and spacious yards—both for its beauty and its fast growth. It has also been named the state tree of both Maine and Michigan. The White Pine evergreen is renowned for its elegant symmetrical shape and beautiful soft needles.  The tree grows quickly (2-3' per year) and can reach heights of over 70 feet with a spread of 20'-40'.  Makes an excellent natural privacy fence. The Natural White Pine is less dense than the pyramidal, sheared White Pine. Recommended for zones 3-8. 

Eastern White Pine

  • Pyramidal  Size 2017 Season Quantites Available
      10-12' 200


    Natural       Size 2017 Season Available Quantity
      10-12' 50



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