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This tree has often been heralded as a beautiful tree, whether lining the banks of a North Country river or gracing someone’s front yard. But the white spruce is more than just a pretty face. Commercially it, it is a mainstay of the pulp and paper industry and well-used for construction lumber. In landscape, it is a lovely specimen tree or grouping, a sturdy option for windbreaks and buffer strips, and serves as a great visual screen.


The White Spruce conifer is a very hardy evergreen tree that can grow rapidly if placed in a well-drained location.  It is adaptable to many soil types and can be a steady windbreaker when planted in rows.  Can reach a height of over 60 feet with a spread of 10'-20'.  This tree grows best along stream banks and lakeshores where this is moist, acidic, and loamy soil.  Short, dark green to greenish blue needles and is recommended for Zones 2-6. 

White Spruce

  • White Spruce Size 2017 Season Quantity Available
      8-10' 150


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